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Is too much thinking devastating?

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Few of us have a habit of thinking too much, taking us on the verge of negative and devastating consequences. Is it so? Is thinking bad or too much of over analysis is? I will give one personal example. When I was in high school, I was not a sharp kid but an average person with nothing extraordinary, but I wanted to be something. Soon I was entangled in the vicious circle of peer pressure to be accepted in outer tribe of my batch mates. Let me tell you, It didn’t go well. I lost a crucial time by thinking too much to be accepted instead of finding who I was. All because I was more towards acceptance rather than pioneering my inner self.

Thinking, analysis is good and we all must do it, it’s kind of liberating, but over thinking will take you nowhere, overthinking is like dog chasing its tail, at the end you will be where you started with tonnes of more problems created by your own mind and that trap my friend lasts forever.

Its devastating indeed, I have seen relations break into pieces because of overthinking, people getting depressed because of it and more. There may not be physical manifestations but you brain destroys itself giving zero productivity.

Occam’s Razor is a concept saying often the solution of any problem is the simplest one of all the solutions, but we have an inherent desire to go looking for complexity due to some misguided notion. We all talk of physical destruction due to natural or man made calamities but we never look out for or identify the symptoms of destruction of inner self.

Know yourself, observe yourself is the mantra here. But knowing comes after observing, be a watcher as I said in my earlier post, of your actions and emotions. Strong emotions like love and joy even fall victim to this destroying force of overthinking.

Now the elephant in the room – how to identify and avoid this?

What I have figured out for myself and by no means this is the only way, you can have your own. First is, to know that we are not in control of everything so sometimes letting things go helps. As in one my favourite TV Series House M.D., Greg House says that ” in life everything sucks, might as well find something to smile about”. I can’t remember the exact words but this is more or less the gist what I interpreted.

Secondly, find something to smile, it helps tremendously. And try to enjoy the life and don’t overthink by expecting some grand gesture to appear before you so that you can have fun. Create your own happy hour, go out, hang out with friends, talk to them. Human interaction is ultimate stress reliever .

Third and last, try to give yourself your own company, if you don’t like to hangout with yourself, why would anyone else? I am not saying to be a loner but enjoy those moments when you are not sourrounded by crowd to observe yourself, what have you become, how can you do better, what is that you miss and what is that you don’t.

Whole idea is to condition ourselves to keep things simple, it’s not possible every time but certainly most of the times and obviously we are not looking to become omniscient but a little less stressed, more aware and conscious.


What it is to be free?

Freedom, liberty, equality – the most important trinity of concepts. We have all talked about them or read them sometime, but what makes these concept reflect into our personalities? How can we deduce that are we liberals or not? Are we supporters of equality as a concept or as a value?

We all want to live in a “just” society, we work to be happy, we run everyday so that we can find trace of that little smile that makes our heart jump, that look into the eyes of our family that says love without actually saying it. Most spiritual leaders will often say that “happiness is within you” but can we be happy without this trinity of values?

I have always thought of equality as something that gives us equal opportunities but not as something that makes me to go extra mile to ensure opportunities for others; my concept was flawed with irregularities.

I have considered myself earlier as an open minded person but now when I look back I have noticed I missed an important aspect of being open minded. We think or at least I thought that open minded means the ability to accept something without reacting to it but now I feel it’s the ability of one to change their opinion when presented with new facts, researches and evidences.

Liberty and freedom as a value, I say value, because I practice it consciously everyday, values are not something that you get like enlightenment but it’s something you do everyday, every second for the rest of you life. They have made me to accept diversity and moreover understand diversity. Diversity of not just physical realm but also of mental realm. I have tried and kept trying to understand the opinions that I am totally against of. Not to accept them blindly but to scrutinise them logically because bad ideas can’t stand the test of logic and reasoning.

So what it is to be free? I think freedom implies freedom from ones own thought of limited experience and exposure. Then comes freedom to do something that we want to do. When we become free from ourselves we become an observant, we don’t let the information just go into our cognition and become a follower of it. Likewise, we become free from our own emotions, I am not saying to be apathetic, but when we become a watcher of our own emotions that is the very moment be achieve calmness and peace. We don’t act on impulses and desires but we act on a decision which allows us to judge the impact of our actions on ourselves and on others as well. And that is where empathy and sympathy grows in that very environment of watchfulness.

So yes, I do believe that freedom is the primary requirement for us to be just, equal, and allow freedom to others. If we are not free from our own prejudices, then, leave equality we will not be able to treat ourselves with dignity. Which is the whole point, dignity for ourselves and for others.